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jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

I am Ana, I have 15 years and my favorite color is orange. What I hate in this world is fake people. You think you can trust them, after a while, come and let you down.I hate people who consider themselves more than others.I am a person who always tries to be as positive as possible, I try to always help those who need me. I am very jealous and proud.I make many mistakes, but that you learn in life.I always thought that life is like a game, a set of tests, of which always have to overcome to continue. If I fail, I try again.
I think I'm a good friend, I love going out and playing guitar ...Create my own songs when I'm inspired .. My dream is forming my own band.Whenever I have my room messy and clothes in the middle .. I am very lazy.

I hate writing sms and then not answer me ... I can spend the all day on the computer, listening to music or just watching Facebook or my BlogI want someone to tell me how much he love's me, who cares if I'm right or wrong. That makes me laugh when I need it.
I like shopping. My favorite shop is the Bershka.I am very sensitive and I cry for stupid things, I do not like losing my friends and the people I love most in the world.
Whenever I
 step in front of a mirror or glass that reflects me I have to look.

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